Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live? 

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live? 

Discover the allure of Eurasian Eagle Owls! Unravel their habitat preferences, ownership regulations, lifespan, and more in this captivating blog post. 

Explore the fascinating world of Eurasian Eagle Owls! Uncover where does the Eurasian Eagle Owl lives, whether you can own one, their impressive size, diet habits, and conservation status. 

The Eurasian Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) is a majestic bird of prey known for its impressive size and striking appearance. 

This formidable owl inhabits a wide range of habitats across Europe and Asia, from dense forests and rocky cliffs to open plains and semi-desert regions. 

Its distribution extends from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to the Russian Far East in the east, encompassing diverse landscapes and climates.

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live?
Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live?

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live? 

The Eurasian Eagle Owl, scientifically known as Bubo Bubo, is one of the largest owl species globally, renowned for its majestic appearance and impressive hunting capabilities. 

These magnificent birds inhabit a diverse range of habitats across Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. 

From expansive forests to rocky mountainous regions, Eurasian Eagle Owls display remarkable adaptability to various environments.

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live In The Eastern Or Western Hemisphere? 

Eurasian Eagle Owls primarily reside in Europe and Asia, with their range spanning from the Iberian Peninsula in the west to the Russian Far East in the east.

Primarily found in the Palearctic region, spanning from Western Europe to Eastern Asia, the Eurasian Eagle Owl inhabits both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. 

Its range extends from Scandinavia in the west to Japan in the east, encompassing countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Russia, China, and Mongolia.

Where Can I Find The Eurasian Eagle Owl? 

Eurasian Eagle Owls are typically found in remote, sparsely populated areas, favoring forests, cliffs, and rocky outcrops for nesting and roosting. 

In Europe, they frequent dense woodlands, while in Asia, they inhabit a variety of landscapes, including steppes, deserts, and alpine regions.

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live?

Can You Own An Eurasian Eagle Owl In The US? 

Owning an Eurasian Eagle Owl in the United States requires special permits and licenses due to stringent regulations under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and state wildlife laws. 

Only individuals with proper credentials and facilities for housing and caring for these birds may obtain permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

How Long Do Eurasian Eagle Owls Live? 

Eurasian Eagle Owls have an impressive lifespan, with individuals in the wild typically surviving for 10 to 20 years. 

However, under captive conditions with proper care and nutrition, they can live even longer, with some reaching ages of 60 years or more.

How Big Is An Eurasian Eagle Owl? 

Known for their formidable size, Eurasian Eagle Owls boast a wingspan of up to 6 feet and can weigh between 3 to 9 pounds, with females being larger than males on average. 

Standing tall, they can reach heights of over 2 feet, making them one of the largest owl species in the world.

How Much Is Eurasian Eagle Owl Price? 

The price of Eurasian Eagle Owls varies depending on factors such as age, training, and legal restrictions. 

Generally, acquiring a Eurasian Eagle Owl can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars, with additional expenses for proper housing, healthcare, and maintenance.

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live?
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How Tall Is An Eurasian Eagle Owl? 

Standing at an impressive height, Eurasian Eagle Owls can reach up to 2.5 feet tall, making them imposing figures in their natural habitats.

Eurasian Eagle Owls are tall birds, standing at an average height of around 60-75 centimeters (24-30 inches).

What Do Eurasian Eagle Owls Eat? 

As apex predators, Eurasian Eagle Owls have a diverse diet consisting mainly of small to medium-sized mammals, including rodents, rabbits, and hares. 

They are also known to prey on birds, reptiles, amphibians, and occasionally even insects.

Is The Eurasian Eagle Owl Rare? 

While not classified as globally threatened, Eurasian Eagle Owls face habitat loss, persecution, and collisions with vehicles and power lines, particularly in densely populated areas. 

Conservation efforts are crucial to ensuring the continued survival of this magnificent species.

Where Does The Eurasian Eagle Owl Live?
(Photo: Stephane Tardif)

Eurasian Eagle-Owl Fun Facts?

Eurasian Eagle Owls have remarkable adaptations and behaviors, including silent flight enabled by specialized feathers, powerful talons capable of exerting immense pressure, and a distinctive deep hooting call used for communication and territorial defense.

  • Despite their large size, Eurasian Eagle Owls possess remarkable stealth and agility, enabling them to hunt silently under the cover of darkness.
  • They have distinctive orange eyes and tufts of feathers on their heads, giving them a striking appearance.
  • Eurasian Eagle Owls are known for their deep, resonant hooting calls, which can be heard over long distances, especially during the breeding season.


In conclusion, the Eurasian Eagle Owl is a fascinating and iconic species with a widespread distribution across Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. 

From their impressive size and hunting prowess to their unique adaptations and vocalizations, these magnificent birds captivate the imagination of bird enthusiasts worldwide. 

However, their conservation remains paramount to ensuring their survival in the face of various threats, highlighting the importance of habitat protection and public awareness efforts.

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